CD1 Seeking JWB2

for long talks on Uber conferences.


You're an outgoing, fun-loving team of designers and developers looking to blaze new creative trails. You love and respect the process of creating great design that brings to life the strategy in every creative brief. You want to make awesome things together.


I'm a lover and a fighter. I love design and I love mixed martial arts. I also love to snowboard, take long drives up into the mountains, butcher songs on my guitar and accost strangers' dogs — especially smushed-faced ones like pugs and bulldogs.

I spend my days as a visual designer/creative director. I have over 19 years experience working with major brands like Coca-Cola, Chick-Fil-A, Home Depot and IHG in both large and small agency environments.

If you are looking for a freelance designer and think we could make beautiful advertising together, drop me a line.

1 Creative Director
2 Job With Benefits


Creative Direction
Art Direction
UI/UX Design
Product Design
Interaction Design
Graphic Design
Brand & Identity Design
Print Design


Creative Director — Creative Promotional Solution
Creative Director — Wish Fulfillment
Senior Art Director — DigitasLBi
Art Director — Ogilvy
Senior Designer — Engauge
Senior Designer — Razorfish
Production Artist — IBM


Photos on flickr.
Slideshow anyone?


Probably more.


Years 'in the game'
... as the kids say.